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SPH-DA09 / SPH-DA210 Modifications

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Hey all,

I have a Japanese SPH-DA09 unit, that seems very similar to the SPH-D100, however this unit has built in DTV and DVD/CD player, very much like the SPH-DA210 unit released in the US, however it is not a SPH-DA210 in that the firmware revision for it is based on the NX163 code, the same as SPH-D100, which makes sense because the DA09 is the upgraded version of the DA05 which is basically identical to the D100.


As a test i flashed the D09 with the D100 SYS yuk file and the unit basically acted exactly the same as a D100, english menu, no DTV option, language options in settings etc, whole interface in english.

I flashed back the original 8.30 Japanese D09 SYS yuk and the whole system returned to normal, Japanese only, DTV icon back etc.


What I am looking to do is port the Japanese only firmware image to have language selection options as in other firmwares, however after messing with the files it seems, much like a few AVH units, the firmware other than some audio preset names, does not contain the ui text in any readable format, on any firmware image (EU/US/JP)


Processing the file through binwalk gives the following results (the same for all region firmwares)




58            0x3A            Copyright string: "Copyright© 2012 Pioneer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.   08.30"
58113         0xE301          PNG image, 240 x 100, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced
94083         0x16F83         Copyright string: "Copyright © NEC Electronics Corporation 1997-2006"



Essentially all binwalk finds is the two copyright strings and a single PNG file, incidentally if the PNG is extracted, it comes out corrupt regardless, even through it is not a false positive result.


I suspect the file consists of multiple segments, each a unique file and certain parts of the file are either compressed or encrypted, going to be investigating further this evening, if anyone else has done the same or wants to share any ideas/findings by all means do so

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