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AVIC F970BT (maybe all android AVICs) PASSWORD RESET

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Hello Guys,


I got an F970BT that came with a Fiat Stilo I got recently.


Unfortunely, unplugging the car battery asked me for password, no one knows it.


So I have past 2 hours and finally got the testmode for Android AVICs.


zip.gif  testmode_a.rar   141bytes   0 downloads


Extract Testmode_a.key to an empty, formatted usb (fat32).


While the unit is ON, pop in the stick in USB1.


The unit will auto reboot, into test mode.


Perform Initialize To Factory Defaults.


The screen will go blue, then reboot.


No more Password.


Tested OK on F970BT.

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after battery replacement ; asking for password I didn't know ; neither the previous owner ...

2 days searching for nothing .

it worked with your help , thanks a lot ;)

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