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x9310bt Maps, backup cam and nag screen 2018

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Greetings.  I've updated by maps using the 2015 map update by Blakestone (thanks!).  I've also used the password reset after a battery issue by RonS (thanks!).


I'd like to attach a backup cam and looking for 

1: best walkthrough (preferably for a 5th gen legacy sedan - 2012 to be precise) but doesn't need to be vehicle specific.

2: recommendations for a reasonably priced camera that will easily work with the wiring/head unit.  Amazon, ebay, etc.


Still trying to figure out how to remove the need to press 'okay' for the map to show (nag screen removal).  I've hit on a few threads here with info. but I'm concerned the 2015 update/script might effect edits.  Again ... best walkthrough for this?  I anticipate also needing the backup screen overlay/prompt as well once the cam is installed.


Patiently waiting for the next map update to use as well ... thanks for everyone's work on this that's involved.  Much appreciated.

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