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AVIC - VH9990 | The Quest to translate from Japanese to English

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I'm putting this in the "off- topic" section because there isnt a specific section here that talks about the vh series and also i don't want anyone getting mad at me for spamming this topic in an unrelated section. Anyways, I Imported a car from japan, it will be here within a few days. it has the AVIC - VH9990 installed. I know its only in japanese but this will be my quest/journey to translating it into english and hopefully load a canadian map. This is probably impossible, but with a little bit of coding, dumping the stock files here, and maybe some help from one of you guys it could be possible. Also  this is here so that everyone who has this model and wants to know if it can or cant in fact be translated will get the concise answer they are looking for (and for asking questions too of course) :)  


be expecting the files here within the next couple of days, along with my first attempt at finding a way to translate this :D

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