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4201NEX Sirius TuneStart/Presets Problem

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Hi, I recently had my head unit exchanged from the 4100 to the 4201 after an auto theft. After the install I noticed that the Sirius presets would tune to the channel, but not "remember" that the preset was selected. So when I try flipping through the presets it keeps cycling back to the first preset because it doesn't recognize it is on a saved preset. Hard to explain so I uploaded the video below to YT to show how it tunes, but then doesn't hang onto the fact that it is a preset selected by staying highlighted.

We changed the Sirius tuner, the antenna, the steering wheel control, and finally the head unit itself trying to solve the issue. Finally I called Pioneer tech support and they could not replicate the problem, but said to try turning Tune Start off. That solved the issue immediately but I really like the Tune Start feature and used it perfectly fine for years on the 4100. With it turned on, once you select the preset a second time it stays highlighted as long as a new song hasn't started yet. I would love some additional help trying to figure this out and how to enable Tune Start since it is an intended feature and I've used it flawlessly for years. Thanks




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