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In need of some z1 help

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I'm new here and have no knowledge of the ins and outs of this amazing system that I bought new in 2007. I've just installed it in my 2011 f-150. Everything is working fine except the aftermarket backup camera. It will not come up when I set in reverse. I can turn it on manually by pushing the v button then selecting back up camera. This is cumbersome but ok. Except the menu won't leave the screen blocking the camera view. I would also be interested in finally  tapping into some of the awesome features this system has to offer. Backgrounds, updated maps etc. is there anyone still out there?

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Hopefully this message reaches you well after you have resolved your issue at minimal cost and effort to you!

Follow the pictures (out of order upload) and adjust your settings. One of the selections for Battery or Ground should work, otherwise there may be wiring issues.






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