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iGO does not start on AVIC-F88DAB

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Hello everyone,

My friend bought an used AVIC-F88DAB unit and he asked me for help as he wasn't able to run navigation application. It always crash during/after "Loading iGO..." screen: https://ibb.co/g9c1GL

Unfortunately the person who sold him the unit does not know if anything was modified. We've reset the unit to factory settings but nothing changed, I assume some files are missing or corrupt?
I run Testmode using USB stick to check iGO folder and it looks like this: https://ibb.co/h7cqRL
In "Content" folder there are subfolders with files for maps, language, poi etc. I have some experience with iGO on Android but I have no idea what it should look like on this device, does it look alright?
Are there any other files for navigation beside iGO folder?

I am wondering if copying iGO folder from other working device will fix the issue or do I have to restore whole pioneer system? Guess you know I don't have any working backup system image for this device. Can somebody share it for me?

Pioneer software version is 1.04 and it's European version.

Anyone can help?



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