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Today*, I now have my Samsung phone connected to a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter** (MiraCast) with AppRadio connected to my AVIC-Z150BH working perfectly. 

Basic setup:

A) On the phone you need: 1) AppRadio installed; and, CarKeyBoard installed and set as default keyboard.

'B) On the headunit: Connect the MiraCast USB to the headunit's USB port two*** and the MiraCast HDMI to the headunit's HDMI port.

C) On the phone: start MiraCast (this is different for different phones search for specific phone) and connect to the MiraCast Adapter.

D) On your headunit: from the home screen of the the headunit tap the AppRadio icon.  You'll go through the calibration process.

No more plugging in ugly cables.  :) Enjoy!

Please note: I have not tested this but believe this should work with all units with the HDMI port.  E.g. AVIC-F50BT (European), et al, AVIC-X950BH and NEX series units.  Please send me a note if you do this on other units.

* In the past, I was playing with Google's Chromecast and was able to get some of the functionality working but it wasn't what I wanted and stopped playing with it.

** It may work with other MiraCast adapters but I used this Part Number: 885370993844


*** The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter came with a USB extension that I had to use because there's not enough space to plug the USB without it.

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