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Pioneer 4500nex questions (wireless CarPlay)

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I kind of have a feeling most of these issues won’t be something that can be fixed, but figured it doesn’t hurt to ask.

1) My wireless CarPlay seems to only auto connect 60-70% of the time.  Can anything be done to improve the connection?  

2) When it doesn’t connect.. what’s the quickest way to resolve that while driving?  Now I usually turn WiFi off and on on my phone and eject my touchscreen and reconnect it so it reboots the stereo. I hope there is an easier way to reboot the stereo without having to eject the whole thing.

3) Anyway to disable the volume down control to auto mute the volume if I press it too fast or hold it?  Not a huge issue for me, just wondering


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the only times i have had connection issues were

...when it refuses to disconnect from another wifi network. this happened both at our house and at my in-laws. after forcing it to choose the wifi network for the 4500NEX a couple of times, the iPhone seemed to learn that i preferred the 4500NEX over the others. its a shame Apple removed the previous ability (in ios11, i think) to prioritize the list of known networks manually.

i did this while stationary and haven't had a problem since in my few months of ownership.


the only other problem i had which was random was 2 hours into a road trip, CarPlay disconnected and i couldn't reconnect it until i powered off the car. my phone showed the wifi network for the 4500nex was still connected, so it was certainly a bug/problem with the 4500 itself.

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