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AVIC-F90BT with XM GEX-P920FM tuner NO connection

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Recently purchased a used unit off ebay from reputable distributor.  Installed into my 06' Ram 2500 as well as my Pioneer XM tuner.  XM Tuner has power, IP Bus cable placed in OUT port of XM tuner and to the only Bus cable input on AVIC unit.  Power and Ground both in place on XM unit.  I have updated the AVIC unit to the most recent firmware and the XM tab on the Source menu remains darkened.  Another issue I have come across is the IPOD input the AVIC unit comes with.  Using an apple cord the phone came with, my iPhone XR music will display on the unit and play but the sounds comes from my Phone and not the car, is this common because its not compatible?  the Phone has blue-toothed perfectly fine to the AVIC unit and handsfree works flawlessly.  My biggest concern is the XM unit and why it is not working.  I had it hooked up only days ago in my old truck to a different Pioneer unit and it worked on that.  I chose this new AVIC because of the blue tooth capabilities and navigation and cant seem to get it to work for some reason.  My connections are solid and ive checked them 3x over

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