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6200NEX - Radio displays "No Data" about every 10 seconds

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Right after startup unless it is hot outside, my unit will display "No Data" about every 10 seconds and stops playing the radio. All other features work just fine (CD, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Phone call) I confirmed the antenna is installed, in fact when removed, the signal will grow week, static, but will still play (except for the 10 seconds as mentioned) so I do not believe it is the antenna connection. I have also held the unit out of the dash and tried to shake it to see if there was a loose connection, but it didn't alter the timing of the "No Data" message.

I suspect it is a resistor on one of the boards related only to the radio with a cold solder joint that once the unit warms up, makes contact and is able to play radio without issue. On colder days, it may take 30 minutes to warm up enough to listen to the news. 

Does someone know where I can get the circuit board layout of this unit, so that I can get in and touch up the resistors I suspect are causing this? I love this deck, and love all the accessories I have connected to it. Ive had to modify my dash to fit this in, and its tough to get one that appears to fit in the same space without additional modification.

Thank you for your direction and assistance.


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