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  1. Hey guys, I recently installed a 4660NEX into my car. Loving the unit! I had a few questions, called the Pioneer hotline, dude was useless. Maybe someone here can properly answer 1) I have a Maestro to utilize my steering wheel controls. When I use the source button, it cycles thru the sources, but ALL of them. Is there a way to "skip" sources? 2) I have been using Android Auto over wireless (works great). When I have android auto up, and I change volume from steering wheel, It shows the volume level on the screen. If I hit the source button, I can "hear" the source has
  2. Z1 with BT, Sirius, IPOD adapter msg me or email me at vaggar01 at gmail thanks
  3. Hi Guys, silly question... I have had my Z1 for a while now, and going to take a chance and do the upgrade myself. One thing I noticed is that peopel are havign a hard time to remove the 4 screws for the tray. Does this tray have to be removed in order to hook up the IDE adapter? My IDE cable in my desktop is long enough that I just sit the drive next to it... Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys, 1st I do apologize if this has been answered before. But I have a Z1 with the ducati flasher bypass circuit, worksd great. I was going to do the hard drive "upgrade" that has been discussed in this forum, hence I would need to do the 2 wire bypass. I have a need to take my car back to the shop to have them fix something non related. I was thinking if they happen to have my dash open, the could do the 2 wire bypass for me. My question is, is it possible to have both the ducati boy circuit AND the 2 wire bypass on the unit? This way giving me the option to do use eith
  5. Hey guys, My ftp downloads are almost done. As soon as I finish, I will gladly post them to usenet with par2 files. I have gotten so much from this site, its the least I can do.
  6. Hi, I would like the Z2 image as well:) Thanks again!
  7. Hey Guys, This may be a long shot, and someone has probably already tried this, but ill throw it out there anway.... I recently bought an IPOD Nano 8 gig, and after installign it, it dawned on me, that the unit shows up as an actual "drive". I'm assuming that the IPOD Video 30 and 80 gig versions do the identical thing...can anyone confirm? I'm not sure what kidn of drives they use in the ipods (im assuming solid state drives), but regardless they are meant to take a lot of abuse, as far as motion, vibration, etc. Do you think, a USB to IDE adapter can be used in place of
  8. yep, bluetooth does work rather well hopefully the upgrade disc they release will enhance everything....
  9. ahh, thanks for the info. Actiually i pulled out my Z1 manual, and it had a few pics of the IPOD interface. Looks nice. The only thing I was unable to find was whether opr not album art shows up on teh screen. Not that it matters on the screen of a nano, its just that I was planning on going thru my entire colelction to update tag info wtc, and was wondering if its worth doingthe album art as well. Also, I'm havign a local guy put in the interface for me, because my dash was customized for the Z1. (Originally 1.5 din slot, expanded for double din). While the guy has my dash op
  10. Hmm, as far as speed....is it slower/faster then say an mp3 cd? An mp3 cd isn't bad, just theres a delay when u switch folders, etc.... do u get the album art on the screen also? anyone have any pics of what the interface looks like?
  11. Hi guys, I finally broke and got an IPOD Nano (to use in the gym, so i dont have to stare at the fat chix in front of me). I was considerting getting the Z1 adapter for the IPOD, but was wondering if I couild get some feedback? DOes it work well? I remember reading that the adapter has some quirks ion it, slow, etc... Any help woudl be appreciated. Thanks
  12. ur right.... the manual seems to be IDENTICAL to the Z1.
  13. Hey guys, this may be old news, but it seems as if Pioneer finally added the Z2 to their website. They even have the manuals posted in the Support section.
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