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  1. Yes I called Pioneer and they said that maps cannot be updated from EU to Australian maps. Not sure how true that is. I was tempted to ask if there was a 'hack' available that would allow me to do so. H
  2. Thanks - do you mean the Avic F60DAB? I couldn't find the F90DAB? Anyway - interested to know if the NEX can be updated to Australian maps? Does it work the same way as the F60DAB? H
  3. Sorry but what do you mean by that?
  4. Just found out from Pioneer Australia that they wont be introducing the NEX series to Australia. How annoying! I'm a relative novice in this area - but what are the pitfalls I need to be concerned about from buying a US model 8000 Nex and installing it in Australia? I''m guessing the US map is the biggest issue? How hard is it to load Australian maps? And will it be compatible with the mapping software on the NEX series? Thanks in advance ... H
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