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  1. does any1 no a good brand of capacitor? thinking about tsunami 10 farrad e bay $130 or power acoustic 20 farad $130
  2. sometimes when i using my d3 i get strange horizontal lines in the background it dosenot affect the function but is it normal is it a bad ground?
  3. i am trying 2 nstall my d3 in 97 eldorado it has factory bose i took all that crap out but i cant figure out what wire colors in the cars harness 2 connect yellow batt lead and red acc lead because there is no harness 4 this vehicle w/bose
  4. i recently installed my d3 in 97' eldorado w/factory bose removed all bose components but there is no radio harness for the factory bose so i hacked in car harness radio works but when i turn off the car it will not retain any memory can i run yellow lead directly 2 batt 4 memmory?
  5. does any1 know location of vss reverse signal parking brake 4 97' cadillac eldorado its not listed on rostra.com
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