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  1. Normally when i would get a call or Make one it would automatically switch to bluetooth audio automatically. Now if i want to hear the call i have to manually switch to bt audio
  2. Here's better description. I have a pioneer 7200nex in my car and never used to have any issues but as of recently i noticed, after trying to make a phonecall over bluetooth for the first time in a while, i cannot hear any phone audio. When i dial a number from my phone, my music on my headunit goes off like its switched over to a phone call. I can see on my phone that it is dialing as the time counter keeps going up and if i switch my phone over to speak, i can now hear the phone call. Also if i go under the actual "mode" part of my head unit and switch from like my radio over to "bluet
  3. Like under audio settings i assume?
  4. So i can play music with my phone thru bluetooth on my Avic 7200NEX but if i try to make a phone call it shows the phone call menu but i cant hear anything but the person on the other line can hear me. How do i fix this?
  5. I have a pioneer avic 7200nex and never had a problem with my bluetooth connection. Today i tried playing music thru my phone and making a phone call, even tho it said it was connected to my phone there was no audio coming thru. The bluetooth audio setting under the home screen was greyed out. I randomly clicked on the pandora app and it actually started playing the music from my phone. How do i get my bluetooth app to work properly again? The music on my phone showed it was playing but i had no audio coming thru my car speakers.
  6. So i have a avic 7200nex in my jeep and i plugged my phone charger into the usb port to charge the other day, now whenever i start my car it goes to the radio and plays for a few moments then switches over to usb/ipod port even tho i have nothing plugged in it and then says its initializing then a few seconds later it says this device is not longer connected. How do i get this to stop?
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