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  1. Do you know pw or is it still a pioneer secret?
  2. Any of them. Just wanted to fiddle with android options. I swear you're the only one that responds here! LOL.
  3. DEVELOPDBG ON is not working on my 4400nex. I'm still rocking firmware 1.01. Thx DJ LPM
  4. @bonee worked! Thanks so much!!!!
  5. @boneeI tried reseating 60 pin on display side...no luck. Ive removed screen from slide and popped open screen case. 48 pin from mobo to lcd looks ok. Anything else specific to look at? I have not opened box yet.
  6. No. It started doing this in dash. Only thing I did was take it out of dash to diagnose.
  7. Is this the LCD or do I need to reimage SD? Been working fine for two years and just started derezzing. I checked wiring and couldn't find a loose connection or anything. Thx in advance. dj lpm
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