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  1. ok suceeded in changing startup screen ( thats easy as we know.) and I have BT function now. (the original unit didn't have it.) still screwing with OS . for a unit that was designed to be 'different to the other markets' there are a LOT of things the same and in the same spots. succeeded in crashing the thing where is came up flash error. would LOVE to know how to flash one of these things short of pulling the EEPROM out (which i DO NOT want to do.) seems the base OS system is EEPROM based..
  2. this is the LDATA drive layout. 00 - operating system 01->06 maps with directories: MAP , SEARCH , VOICE MAP directories have the following variant of this file: PD10*.KED the * changes for the directory that it is in and from what I can tell this is the map data. SEARCH directories have the following variants of these files: INDEX_0*.KWI PRFCTY0*.DAT SPOT_A0*.DAT no idea what these run. assumption is the index file is the main file with map points. the second I assume is prefectch on the Y axis the third (SPOT) I have not a clue. need help here one th
  3. ok have the HZ88 drive out and I'm fiddling need confirmation on a few things. MAPS if I am looking at this right they reside on LDATA under directories 01->06 there are 3 folders in each folder labeled MAP,SEARCH and VOICE correct? GRACENOTE located under LDATA/AV/CDDB databases for the gracenote system correct? I cannot find the files that control the FM radio where are they lcoated? I found something under LDATA/00/BROADCAST/ that looks like the settings for this. DVD driver files ideas? layout wise its close to the Z1
  4. both. mainly data. I have a feeling that the HZ88 runs a slightly different CPU to the HD3. trying to find the language data and character set then maps,DVD region (HZ88 is region 2 - I need 4.) and finally radio calibration files. I'm aware of the FM band/data differences.
  5. short version of this: need to know what file drives what in the system directory of this machine I have a WORKING FULL copy of a AVIC HD3 drive and I intend to mix /match files on the AVIC-HZ88 (jap version) I have here. the end result I'm going for is a semi functional jap unit.
  6. should also add I'm trying to fix teh language issue,map issue and update the thing.
  7. gidday - first post - top forum with a LOT of info on this unit had one of these given to me with all the hardware to match it: INFO HERE ON THE UNIT now as you can tell it is a jap one and has a few added extras. TV (Inbuilt )and VICS (traffic radio that is jpn specific) are a few differences. the unit is an 06 version . I have had it along side this one which is a AVIC HD3. the button layout,menus, controls are the same EXCEPT mine is in japanese with japanese maps and the FM radio is out of kilter (JAPAN runs 76.0Mhz-90.0 Mhz onthe FM band - AM
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