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  1. 6ohh

    which is better?

    after reading up on some threads here I think i'm gonna give up some screen size and go w/ a F series those are pretty cool, i like all the features they have out of the box
  2. 6ohh

    which is better?

    I currently have a N2 and was about to buy a Z series and i was wanting to know which is the best bang for the buck? should i get a Z2 and upgrade or buy a Z1 upgraded? or just get a Z3? i know its stupid but i have been out of the loop a while and i'm behind thanks
  3. the sub pre out plug for a N2? i need to one, if anyone knows where to get one that would help a bunch thanks
  4. I'll give it a shot thanks any other ideas?
  5. has this been covered a hundred times already? if so then I couldn't find it when I searched? i miss my bypass please help!
  6. I bypassed my N2 over a year ago with the circuit writer pen and it just quit working the other day. The ground is still in place and I'm not sure what else could cause it. any ideas as to where to start troubleshooting thanks
  7. sold the mule now I have a 07 Yamaha Rhino. I have all Kicker Marine components but I will be running a Pioneer DEH P8600MP for head unit. Has anyone had any experience w/ this install? which wire behind the ignition is the best for a switched 12+?
  8. I would like to install a stereo in my 2006 Kawasaki Mule anyone who has experience in this I would be grateful for help on wiring I know I gotta find a switched pwr supply but I really don't wanna take a chance on picking the wrong one.
  9. 6ohh


    nice to see you live up to your name
  10. 6ohh


    I know this is off topic since it's not audio but it is electronic. I had a new winch bumper put on my truck yesterday and it has 6 150W Halogen 6" lights on it. 2 recessed in the bumper and 4 across the grill guard. My question is what is the best way to wire them on the truck in my sig. I would like the 2 lights that are recessed in my bumper to work w/ the factory fog light switch but they shut off after a few minutes on (fuse blows) the other 4 lights I have on a switch how should I wire these up?
  11. could you post a pic of it on the truck in my sig? also the reverse wire,
  12. 6ohh

    door spkrs....

    yup you got it right it is the one in my sig sorry my rear doors don't have spkrs they are in the bottom of the C pillar actually down by the floor beside the rear seat. that trim panal should just pop out right?
  13. 6ohh

    door spkrs....

    how do I take off the door panels to replace my front factory spkrs, also how do I get to the rears?
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