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  1. maddmike

    dash kit..

    yes you do lose the dual climate control
  2. maddmike

    dash kit..

    i put a n3 in a accord, it looks great but you need one hell of a dash kit plus if your car has dual climate controls you need to get a special harness
  3. i neet the 40 discs too
  4. maddmike

    does any one

    no you just need one but with the west coast disc and living on the east coast im screwed
  5. maddmike

    does any one

    monoxide i am also looking for the 40 discs i have a west coast disc i am willing to share but i need the east coast disc, let me know, thanks
  6. well you gotta hope it doesn't get to you then you may be able to get a new one
  7. i think the can bus systems are just on brand new ones
  8. pac-audio.com go to the vehicle fit guide, then put your car in then choose OS Integration - Use OE Controls with New Radio it shows the swi-ps and swi-x will work with that car
  9. actually i believe the pac swi-ps should work
  10. in order to keep the steering wheel controls you need a special interface, you can get one from a company called PAC (pacific accessory corporation) pac-audio.com, the pac swi-ps should would since it is for pioneer units that take wired remotes like the n4. You need to have someone who knows that they are going install it , there can be a little tricky sometimes and you have to get everything right or start over.
  11. If I have an n1 head unit and replace the brain with an n3 brain, do the solder bypass on the head unit, and add the 70 maps, i would have the same thing as a n3 essentially is that right? meaning i would have the upgraded xm and ipod interfaces and the newer maps, am i missing anything?
  12. how much did he charge for the bypass and you got pics?
  13. with stereo bluetooth you can take music on your phone and listen to it wirelessly and stereo doesn't matter for phone calls but for music you need the stereo
  14. an onstar as in the factory system as far as i know you cant just add one that system is tied into all the vehicles wiring so i dont know about getting one of those and as for using the sterring wheel controls you need a device called the pac swi* the * represents the particular model for your car i would check their website
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