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  1. dvd works if less than 20kph. after that cuts out with warning. still plays audio tho, so if you wanna play a comedy dvd that you don't have mp3 for, prob solved. so bypass for me.
  2. If you actually understand what a capacitor is used for then you're 2 steps ahead of half of the people who have posted opinions on them. A capacitor is used to smooth out power distribution, this is why they are used in all power supplies. An AC/DC power supply is a whole other animal, but the basic principles still apply. the rectifier (or battery and alternator in car) never sends a smooth 0 Hz signal. there are "bumps" in the signal, and the capacitor acts as a filter to remove those "bumps." This is about the best way I know how to simplify what a Cap does. I have worked in car au
  3. also the sub rca's connect direct to the head unit. rtfm dude
  4. That's my current configuration. I have the parking brake wire grounded. with the extra video/audio front and rear outs harness sitting in my garage. I get 1 notice saying it thinks my wiring is incorrect, but gives option OK. hit that and everything on the nav unit works fine. Haven't tried a dvd yet though, will try and let you know.
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