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  1. Pioneer Software Update Sirius Audio FIX SXV200V1 for Pioneer AXHX3600BHS & AVHX5600BHS How To Fix No Sirius Audio Error on Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS and SXV200V1 Software Update So on Some of the New Pioneer we are having an issue with the audio on the add on Sirius/XM Tuner Disappearing. All other audio sources work fine except the Sirius. Pioneer has an error in the software and all you need is a simple update, Most common simple error these days with most electronics comes back to the software codeing. The error also effects the AVH-X5600BHS as well. So we did a simple software
  2. http://youtu.be/IKOoZTZ1HT4 BYPASS AT YOUR OWN RISK! We have confirmed this bypass to work! It allows for navigation input and video playback while the car is in motion! This is illegal in some states and this may void the warranty of your Navigation system! Move the mute wire over to the empty slot to the right or left, attach to ground with parking brake wire! If you have a question, please leave a comment..... we respond within 24 hours! Thanks for watching!
  3. http://youtu.be/w-Sfe64fBcM A How to Video By Shane "Saturn" Simpson of Delreycustoms. Pioneer are simple just drop any .Jpeg file on to a micro sd card and it will auto size and upload. If power is lost to the unit the Pioneer will reset to the Pioneer boot screen Also on the SD card in the Root Menu, You need to create a new file folder labeled "Pictures". Drop the Jpeg ypu wish to upload in the folder for the pioneer to locate and import. Follow the video its pretty simple.
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