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Why 8" subwoofer?

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Hi guys,

I don't understand why the people recommend me 8" subwoofer

why cannot be 12"?, please i need your advices


-Receiver: 5.1 Sony STR-DH500

-Center speaker: Sony SS-CR3000

-Front speakers: Sony SS-F6000 Floor Standing Speakers

-Rear speakers: Sony SS-B1000

-Subwoofer: i have a active Sony subwoofer model SA-WMSP75 from a Sony HT-DDW750 Home Theater System


My first option was a JBL ES250PBK 12" but now im seriously planing buy a Elemental Designs A2-300

Also i read good reviews about the Acoustic Audio HD-SUB12


But first i would like to know why people recommend me a 8" not 12" sub?

I live in small apartment and i use my home theater only to play movies(horror and action) i love deep and highs bumps!


I hope you can hepl me guys!

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The larger the sub, the more it carries and the lower Fs it has.

would you car to elaborate on this?


what does a sub carry?




also while a bigger sub usually will be able to play a little lower freq's, this is not always the case. there are many variables that contribute to what sounds come out of a sub. it is very common for different sized subs in the same model line to use the same motor structure, so you actually may not see any louder volume going to a bigger sub. cone mass, amount of excursion, and power going in, have just as much to do with how it sounds as does the cone size (we will leave box tuning out of this conversation). there are many cases where a smaller sub can play louder and lower than a bigger sub.

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