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VSS for 2007 Nissan Titan

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This is how I did it on my 04 Titan, I would imagine it has to be similar.


First, here is a post at the Titantalk forum that will tell you about the wire and location. http://www.titantalk.com/forums/titan-v ... speed+wire


This is how I did it/found it easiest. I would imagine that the wire can be traced somewhere other than how I did it but If you are not savy at wiring diagrams the layman's terms is remove the cover from your instrument panel above your steering wheel. Be careful, you will need to clear the mileage reset knob and steering wheel cover. Removing the steering wheel cover is preferred but with a little patience is can be skipped. Unplug the dim and and cargo light switches and get the cover out of the way. Loosen 4 bolts (one at each corner) of the instrument cluster and pull gently towards you revealing a connector on the upper right side mentioned in the above link. On that connector you will find the Red/White wire as mentioned, splice into it and put it back together.


Hope this helps.



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