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Hello friends,

I tried searching first before posting about this issue but couldn't find exact match hance creating a new thread.please let me know if this is not the correct section.


I have recently installed Avic F70BT which is Indian model with Android auto and other high end features.

When the dimmer mode is set to Auto there's a strange high pitch noise coming from the speakers (audible mainly from the tweeters).I removed the illumination wire and when trying to set the dimmer in manual mode the noise appears. Even if I reduce the dimmer from the highest setting the noise appears.

The unit has been grounded properly to the car chassis also. The RCA connections separately wired to the HU chassis for checking with no help.

Checked the gain on the amplifier and set to minimum settings. Also I had blaupunkt earlier and this noise never appeared.

Pioneer tech support has no clue about this issue.

As this is very recent model and top of the line model the local dealer had ordered a single piece for me so replacing the item will take some time.


I was hoping if this issue exists for other pioneer units and if any quick fix or known fix is there.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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