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Android Screen mirroring no HDMI no AV adaptor only USB

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I have a AVIC 5200 NEX just recently upgraded it to android auto (thanks to one of our forum members mEoW ;)) I started to look into options of screen mirroring from my phone and the options didnt look good either I had to have HDMI which I dont or some weird adapter box. I didnt really want to go that route and have to pull my stereo out again just did it to put in cord for USB2 to upgrade to android auto.found some other options but required my phone to be rooted and that was a no go my phone is samsung with latest bootloader. I was hitting dead ends everywhere. So one last try before I broke down and got the adapter box. I am a github junkie I am a not so talented coder I guess best description would be advanced script kiddie :lol::P:lol: started seeing root this no android 10 must use old ver of  android auto.....Was about ready to give up then I found a app called AAAD or Android Auto Apps Downloader   https://github.com/shmykelsa/AAAD  so this is just kinda step one to get to mirroring my phone to my 5200NEX ya download to your phone and you may have to downgrade you android auto to the last version for me it was the early april version. It gives you a choice of apps to install  


the free version of the app allows you to download 1 app per month the paid 3.50 euro or 4.27 usd is well worth it these apps it downloads and updates for you usually require your phone to be rooted. I am in no way associated with this app or the creator if this is starting to sound like a infomercial. I tried carstream on my samsung 7 i figured trying it out on a older phone might work better but it didnt work nothing but black screen. So I installed it on my samsung 11a1 androind 10 and downloaded SCREEN2AUTO and lo and behold after a few adjustments I was able to run anything on my phone to the headunit and the rear video monitors mostly I run kodi both apps run great. Now on my samsung 11 its USBc and not all USBc cables are the same I had to get the same type USBc that I use for my Oculus quest 2 headset. my other usbc data cable worked but the audio was off like a bad kung fu movie. Its kinda nice to be able to try the app before you and support so far is great. I went and donated to the screen2auto guy and gonna buy the pro version of AAAD because I think I have only scratched the surface..... 

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