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XM May 6th 2011 Logo Update...D/N/F/Zx series!

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- Image table update for all May 2011 XM lineup changes including new channels and channel name/number changes.


- Update of all images from the latest channel guide.


- Sports channels still alternate between "Sports XXX", "NBA XXX" etc. and "Sports Play-By-Play". The logo will only appear if the channel name uses the name with the number in it, i.e. "Sports 190" or "NBA 218", etc. There is no way to avoid this and at this time I still don't know which naming scheme is ideal to associate with the logo.


- There are no category logo updates in this release as all the major categories are covered. I have no source for category images as XM does not provide them.




- You will need to know how to modify the media for your particular AVIC series. See the stickied posts in the hacks/mod forum related to your unit for details.


- Locate the folder containing the XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS directory. On the Z series this the AV subdirectory of the SDAT volume. On the F series this was reported to be MyFlashDisk/DATA/XM. On the D/N series these folders are in the root directory of the 2 map DVDs.


- As always when doing such updates on the Z and F series be sure to make backups of your XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS directories.


- Simply copy the files in the pack over any existing files for each directory (XMCAT, XMDAT, XMLPS, and XMDPS). Do not delete any files.



Source: XM May 6th 2011 Logo Update...D/N/F/Zx series!

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Here's what Pioneer's Facebook team had to say about them providing their own, official, XM channel logo updates themselves...disappointing:


"Channel line-up changes are at the discretion of Sirius-XM. In order to ensure that our GEX-P920XM is backwards compatible with practically any Pioneer "P-bus" radio, our products feature channel artwork that is stored in local memory (as opposed to being received via the same satellite data connection as the audio and text). As a result, although you should be receiving the new channel related text, the artwork for any revised channels is the default universal channel icon.


In the past, we have been able to update channel icon artwork in conjunction with a map software upgrade, however we have not been able to confirm with engineering at this time if it will be possible to include in the 2011 map upgrade (coming this summer) due to the late timing of the channel line-up changes from Sirius-XM.


Please stay tuned for more news regarding the 2011 map software upgrade! Thanks.

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