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From: New Z140/X940 Features

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  • Navteq maps
  • HD Radio Artist experience (Album art for stations)
  • Advanced App Mode: gives the ability to control apps from the headunit just as you can with AppRadio.
    • All of the same apps that are compatible with AppRadio, are now compatible with the new AVIC's.

    [*]SPP BT profile to add Android/Blackberry support for Pandora and Aha.


Source: New Z140/X940 Features

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Recommended Comments

Will the SPP BT profile that adds Andriod support be hardware or software support? I have z120bt upgraded to z130bt and I am hopefull of being able to upgrade to the new z140bh software and have Andriod support for Aha and Pandora as well as for App Mode. Hopefully it will be as simple as buying the new cable from Pioneer and installing the upgrade.

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