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  1. HELP - MusicSphere !!!

    Hello all, I have an AVIC f940BT and an iPhone 3GS...I was willing touse the Musicsphere functionality therefore I downloaded the software from the Pioneer website and installed on my PC. SW seems to work fine but when I launch the analysis of the music library it ends up in "finding" only 3 song out of the 1700 I have. Strange is that the 3 songs then available for the playlist generation (that works) are the longest ones: one is 17mins the other two in the range of 40/50mins. The two longests are relaxation music, while the 17mins one is a standard track out of an album added all at once to the library. I have tried several solution but none was working. Here what I've done: - remove the two longests from library -> it found only the 17mins - remove also the 17mins from library -> it found nothing - consolidate the entire library - disinstall MusicSphere, update iTunes to latest version and reinstall Musicsphere - copy all the mp3 source files in one directory (not the one in iTunes media), clear the music library and re-inport all the music In addition, of course, I have checked the (POOR) MusicSphere guide and wrote to Pioneer support.....and the only feedback I received from this last one was "you need to have more than 100 tracks"....I have 1700 I hope some of you have some suggestion. Thanks in advance
  2. Ciao a tutti - Hello all

    Hi, my name is Marco and I am new in this forum. I have an AVIC F940BT and I hope to found support in this forum. So far, looking around I was quite impressed by the amount of Hacks and Mods are possible on such devices and of the expertise of some members. See you around in the "topics" Marco