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  1. European maps for avic x950

    Please somebody help me!
  2. NDATA mappings for Europe

    Does this work on a x950bh for eu maps? thank you
  3. Pay for help

    I still have the same problem. I have a US x950 and I want to put eu maps on it (i live in italy). Could you help me please?
  4. European maps for avic x950

    Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and I want to say thank you because it's fantastic. I have a problem and if somebody could help me it will be great! I bought a x950bh from U.S. and I installed on my jeep grand cherokee, everything works except obviously the maps. Could someone kindly explain in detail how to change U.S. maps to Europe maps ( I live in Italy)? thank you very much in advance!