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  1. Does shatterproof window film stop burglars?

    Relace the windows with thicker panels of lexan. Same material they make paintball mask lenses and those dividers at the bank out of. They are more likely to poke a hole in it that actually break it. The downside, scratches easy and tends to be expensive. The other guy is right, put the money into an alarm system.
  2. Have an SDV-P7, looking for answers

    I bought this a few years ago for the truck and never had it installed. Was going to be used for the backseat. Is this thing still useful? Does Pioneer even support this unit anymore? Would I be better off selling it and getting an all in one(like the d3 or N3/4)? If I was to sell it, would any of you have any idea how much it might be worth. Thanks for the input.
  3. Alarm/remote start question

  4. Alarm/remote start question

    North jersey, not far from Paramus.
  5. dumb ass ?

    http://www.netlingo.com/index.cfm a good resource.
  6. Alarm/remote start question

    Oh well, so much for the easy way. Got any recommendations for a good shop/installer?
  7. Alarm/remote start question

    It is not one of those chipped keys. When I bought the truck, it was either a larger block and the securikey thing, or smaller engine and not that.( and the good sound system.) I press the orange button( used to be the aux, three remotes ago) the dash lights up, the fuel pump makes some noise and then nothing. It tries three times. and then stops. The relay I mentioned says directed on it. Still could not get a good look. After Tillithz mentioned servicing, so I checked my records and sure enough three days before the truck was at the dealer for a recall and other work. So it might not havee been the removal of thee radio that killed it. I want to thank everybody for helping me out.
  8. Alarm/remote start question

    The place that did the work is out of business and the closest place to me( I bought a new remote from them) does not inspire confidence. ( went for a quote to put a new radio in and get the alarm fixed, and without looking at the truck told me the alarm needed to be replaced.) and I downloaded the installation manual and the thing reads like stereo instructions. I can't make heads or tails of the manual. You mentioned a switch or a wire I need to check. Barring that, can anyone recommend a shop in New Jersey that won't fuck me with my pants on?
  9. Alarm/remote start question

    I have an '02 dodge ram(automatic trans) with a viper 790xv installed. The truck was broken into and the radio was stolen in October. Around that time the remote start stopped working, but the alarm still works fine. I can press the button, the lights flash and the fuel pump does its thing but it does not kick over. It does not even try. I had the panel under the steering wheel open and I noticed the brain and wiring for the alarm. I saw a relay, that was plugged into the brain for the alarm. Unfortunately, because it was dark and the relay was partially up and behind the instrument cluster I could not make out anything on the relay except the letters "IN0223". Could this relay be my problem. DEI website is not very helpful, so I am asking here. Please help me figure it out.
  10. T-Mobile Dash & VSS

    If you have not updated the software on the dash, do it. The newest version is 1.22( download is available from tmobile website), make sure you take out the media(transflash) card when you upgrade or it will wipe out everything on it. Also, the update will wipe out anything that is stored on the phone. Any contacts, pics texts or mails saved on the device will be lost. The update fixes some minor bugs and improves the user interface. From what I have read form others it has made backing up and transfer of info easier as well. Make sure to install Active synch from the disk that came with the phone.
  11. IPOD touch & D3

    The Touch uses the same binaries( read OS) as the Iphone. It would have the same(if any) problems as the Iphone would when hooking up to a D3 or other item. On a side note, That also means that any addon programs for the Iphone( for those who have one and have hacked it to add stuff) will also work on the Ipod touch. Check out the article on the Ipod touch here: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/breaking/ipo ... 296837.php
  12. D3 Install

    I have to say that the D3 looks like it belongs there. Almost stock. Very nice.
  13. whiney bitches

    That is the greatest picture.
  14. Pro To Do D3 Bypass in Dallas/Ft. Worth?

    [link removed by admin] Good luck and good speed Ralph
  15. whiney bitches

    That is mostly by the 'Barrens. Here in North Jersey, we mostly have malls and Satin dolls( aka Ba Da Bing)