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  1. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    This question does not in any way pertain to this thread. Please don't thread jack. http://www.avic411.com/forum/search.php
  2. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    Believe it's already been done, check here... http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... &start=315
  3. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    Thanks mdmill1. To Newtregger, it may be easier to have the original poster of the image do that for you. If I had the original picture without the VW emblem it would be quite simple, or if I had the photoshop file version of the image with layers. Removing something from an image like that is a little more difficult and won't look as good as just having the fresh image to work with.
  4. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    Not great but don't want to spend more time on it, sorry.
  5. MODERATOR Help please

    Yeah I guess I could do that, just didn't want to share my photo site with everyone Maybe I'll open up a new one just for backgrounds.
  6. Audi Background Needed

    Posted one for you in my thread. http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 0&start=45
  7. MODERATOR Help please

    Thanks! Quick too. If I reach my upload limit again what will I need to do? Go back and delete posts?
  8. MODERATOR Help please

    I've been making custom backgrounds for people on this forum for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately I've used up all of my upload space. Is there any way this restriction can be lifted so I can continue to upload backgrounds for people. Thanks
  9. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    I can't make the font bold because they're custom fonts. I can change the font if you want to a thicker font type. I'll make one with your car, thanks for supplying pics, makes it easier