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  1. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    WinCE is already there... The AVIC UI shell is just overlayed on it. You can bypass the loading of the shell to get to the WinCE desktop by using the 2-button reset method referenced above. The AVIC can utilize non SDHC cards of various sizes. I have used 2GB but not 4 as I have not had a non-SDHC 4GB card (even though, I know they are out there). So I can't answer affirmative to the 4GB. Have fun...
  2. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    I have settled on the button unlock... I really only wanted TCPMP (media player) on the device. So after an unlock, I installed GAPI and TCPMP via cab files. I moved the TCPMP files to the Windows directory and renamed the exectable to mp3player.exe. Then a soft reset will run the mainshell.exe and the S2 UI looks stock. The Audio Player icon of the mainshell will start TCPMP (which I use for mp3s and Divx videos). For maps, I copied my state, 5 surrounding states and the base and water maps to \My Flash Disk\GS2MAP\GS2Map\Maps. The other continental state and Canada maps to \Maps on a 2GB SD card. They take less than 800MB space, leaving plenty for music and video. I also keep a copy of the GAPI and TCPMP cab files on the card in case I encounter a hard reset. In 5 minutes it could be unlocked and re-setup.
  3. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    Read this thread for the link to the unlocker... http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3608 The button unlock is: 1. Turn off with On/Off slider on rear 2. After device boots to Pioneer screen but before the mainshell starts, push in the scroll wheel and Menu buttons and let go when window asks to load WinCE The unlocker app found at the link in the thread above is an executible and cab file that you put on an SD card. If you do step 1 above with the files in the root of the SD card, the executible runs and installs programs and files (including needed dlls) from the cab file. You then will need to customize the apps and features you would want. The main app from the unlocker app is WolfToolBar. One of its features is as task switcher. This is needed as the Pioneer OEM skin of the navigation app has no way to exit the app after starting. Wolf allows you to "kill" the nav app. Good luck and have fun...
  4. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    Thanks pascal... readings at the above site led me to http://navmanunlocked.wikispaces.com/ There I found how-to and links to WinCE Cab Manager. Very cool... Now I can customize my own reset install package. Thanks for sending me in the right direction.
  5. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    Anyone with links or info on editing unlocker files?
  6. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    I just got an S2 and am having fun playing with it (unlocking and adding apps). It is very similar to my Mio C310X. I got the S2 because of the bluetooth capability. I would appreciate some info or links to "how to" edit the wince unlocker app and cab referenced in other threads here. I have unlocked the S2 by both the wince unlocker app and the reset button unlock. I would like to know how to edit the wince unlocker cab file to remove some apps and add some apps. Thanks for any help you could provide...