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  1. I get this when my handbrake isn't on. Or maybe you haven't got the handbrake wire connected or the wires become disconnected?
  2. When I tried to update my unit, it stuck on 3% and even when retried would stick at 3%. This is on my F900BT. I had to sent the unit to Pioneer for them to fix as the first thing that happens when you start the upgrade is the unit is wiped, so if it goes wrong you are left with a unit that won't start. Best of luck.
  3. In settings, camera there is the option to change the polarity. Yours must be set the wrong way. If you can get to this screen then change it, if not press the reset button to turn the camera off then go into camera and set again. If you reset then you may have to put some settings back to how you want them. I think it is to do with whether the feed from your reverse wire is positive or gnd when the car is in reverse. I was messing with this setting when I ended up in the same situation as yours.
  4. That's good news, as per my earlier post, cost me a fortune!
  5. Hi Sounds like the unit thinks that your handbrake isn't on and is disabling the bits that you can't mess with when driving. I found this by accident when I was trying to change the settings when I was stuck in traffic and I hadn't got the handbrake on. If you have got the handbrake on, then I wonder if the wire that goes to the handbrake has become disconnected? Rich
  6. Hi The official fix is to send it to Pioneer for repair, even though the unit is physically ok. I would wait a bit just in case someone can help you with an 'unofficial' fix, though some of the links to file downloads are dead. Good luck with getting the unit sorted.
  7. Hi Had the same . Tried to update my F900BT with the latest official SD card containing CNSD-400FM, update failed, contact Pioneer... I sent my unit to a UK Pioneer service centre and had to pay for them to put the original firmware back on then apply my update. Works now but cost me £140 for the SD card and another £100 for the repair. I can recommend Northolt Car Radio if you are in the UK. It appears that the update first wipes the unit, therefore if the update falls you are left with a broken unit. Rich
  8. Dunno mate, cost me £140 plus another £100 for Pioneer to sort the unit when the update stalled and left me with a knackered unit. The idea of this post was to find out if anyone else has had any problems, but nobody replied so I got the unit reprogrammed by Pioneer. Personally, I probably wouldn't buy another AVIC and even though they are good units when they work, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! Expensive to buy, easy to break, expensive updates (unless you use hooky software), expensive to repair, goodnight!
  9. Hi All Sent the unit to Northolt Car Radio Repairs (UK). Great service, good advice from the chap there. Cost me £15 to send it down there, and £65 + return carriage + vat but they installed the original firmware then applied my update SD. They said that there may have been a glitch when I tried to install the firmware myself. Personally I think it's Pioneer and their flaky system. Anyway, all fixed now. Must start saving for the next map update and the extra £100 to have it repaired when it all turns to sh1t!
  10. Hi All Has anyone tried to update their F900BT with the latest official firmware/map update CNSD-400FM? Particularly updating a unit that has the original/very first firmware. Has it gone smoothly with no problems? Thanks
  11. Has anyone got any ideas? Can't believe with 110 views I'm the only one who's replied and I've replied 6 times!!!! Has nobody bought the CNSD-400FM, UK version?
  12. Spoke to repair center and they want me to send them the unit. They have never used CNSD-400FM, only 300FM. They said they will put unit back to original firmware and then try my update card and see what happens. If it fails then they will speak to pioneer and find out what is happening. I'll take the unit out of the car in a day or so, so if anyone has any experience of CNSD-SD400FM and wants to share then please do it soon!!! Rich
  13. Nobody? I'll ring the Authorised Pioneer repair place tomorrow. Fed up of driving to work with no radio.
  14. Hi All Has anyone got any ideas? Main points: 1. F900 BT with the original maps and firmware, no updates have ever been done. 2. Bought official latest SD card a month ago from Pioneer, got password, entered it, started update and got update failed message. Pressed retry, after 3 retries message on screen to contact Pioneer. Unit won't get past the splash screen (my own one that I made). 3. Pressed reset button on front and unit has defaulted to the blue illumination but still won't get past screen. 4. Pioneer say unit must be faulty, wasn't an engineer I spoke to, just think the b
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