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  1. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    OK, so then grounding that wire is only for when i hack it later (already read the writeup...such a simple writeup lol) I'm going to see if i can get one at Best buy tonight. don't feel like waiting for it to ship from Amazon
  2. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    I searched, and read this thread, and haven't found an answer to my problem, so here it goes. I just swapped my N2 for a D3 since I wanted a DD and he needed a flip out for his new car. i installed the D3 and my Ipod connector i had on my N2 for years now that worked on the N2, but i can't seem to get the D3 to recognize the ipod is even connected. When i plug in the ipod, it starts charging, but i can't get that output to turn on so i can actually play the music. Is there something I'm forgetting to do? BTW, the cable is the one that connects to the Ibus (the blue connector) not the IPOD connector on the back of the unit. Not sure if that is the cause. I figured it should work since it worked on my old unit. Edit: I've been reading somemore, and i think I may have found part of the problem. I didn't ground the yellow/black wire at all. can this be the problem?
  3. any solders in NJ area?

    I think the N1 is bypassed the same as the N2, if so, the bypass is very simple with a Circuit writer pen
  4. Cant find part number on Pioneer site

    I searched on ebay, and it seems like I will have to pay close to $50 for the RCA harness on the N2. Does anyone know how much it would be from Pioneer? Or if there is anywhere else to get it from?
  5. The cable has already been replaced by Pioneer, but I think its bad again. Unit will power up briefly, then shut down completely. I have to unhook the power supply and reconnect it for it to power on for a few seconds, the screen will come out, but wont flip up. then after I unhook the cable it retracts back in. Only stays on for maybe 5 seconds then shuts itself down
  6. I wanted to know if anyone had a write up on how to open up the N2 Unit. I tried a search and couldnt find any info on the actual disassembly of the unit. Any help would be appreciated. And Im only talking about the deck, not the brain
  7. Read Error on N2

    pioneer will fight you tooth and nail, then give you false hope when you send it back to them. Im not sending it to them ever again. I think Im gonna file a complaint with the BBB about it.
  8. Read Error on N2

    No help?
  9. Read Error on N2

    well, if some of you have followed my other post about sending my N2 to pioneer for the flex cable upgrade, and all the other problems i've had since they touched it...THis is the latest. Before the eject and load featured didnt work, so sent it back, they checked it, said its not warrantied, id have to pay $200 to fix it. Out of principle, I didnt since they broke it. so now, got my deck back, installed it, now it loads and ejects, but now it wont read any discs. It took a long time for me to get it to read the Navi disc to get the system to boot up, but after that, it will try, but it always comes up saying "READ ERROR". Now my question is, is this anything like the PS2 when it had the disc read error all you had to do was open it up, and readjust the lens glider, or is this something I shouldnt do? plus, if anyone has any tips to opening the N2 head unit to not damage or lose any parts, Id appreciate it
  10. benefits to upgrading from n2 to n3?

    I currently have a N2 setup. Pioneer broke my head unit when i sent it in for my flex cable upgrade, and wont fix the problem, so I am gonna buy a new deck. But i was thinking, is there any difference or benefit to just upgrading the headunit, or is the brain the real piece that has to be changed to upgrade? also, what are the benefits to the upgrade from the N2 to the N3?
  11. Another Lovely Pioneer Service story

    I dont care if its easy or hard, I hope its the hardest repair they ever had. It does work, just doesnt finish the job when loading or ejecting. I have to guide it another disc for either function for it to work completely
  12. Another Lovely Pioneer Service story

    after weeks of fighting with them, I sent it back to them today for them to fix the eject/load problem. They said as long as it wasnt caused by the damage to the unit, they will repair it and waive the fee. as for the Bypass, they are suppose to remove it. You were NEVER suppose to use it. My bypass was taken off too, but its a 30 second fix to do it over again
  13. Another Lovely Pioneer Service story

    PM me with info. I dont wanna pay for the repairs though, thats why im fighting with pioneer so much on this
  14. Well, I had to send my N2 in for the Flex cable upgrade. When i sent in, the only thing that would function was the power button and the eject button. Nothing else would respond. So i sent the unit in. almost 2 weeks later I call to find out the status, and its on hold for cosmetic damage, so they want to know if I want to pay the $200 fee to fix the chip on the corner of the face, and damage to the casing (i still dont know what damage that is). BTW, there were NO damages cosmetically when I shipped it out. But the little chip isnt a big deal to me. But now, I have a bigger problem. The Disc player is messed up. When I first reinstalled it, I would put a disc in, and it would sound like its slapping around on the inside of the unit, so the unit never got the reboot from the software. I had to go to work, so i didnt uninstall it, but while I was driving suddenly the disc started reading and rebooted the system. I figured everything was good now. Wrong again! Now it wont eject the disc on its own. I have to use a second disc to guide the one out of the unit, or to put a disc in the unit I have to use a seperate disc to get it all the way in by pushing it in. So the same day I notice this (the day after I reinstalled it) I called pioneer. Automatically, "Its not something that could have been damaged by doing the flex cable, so you have to pay for the repairs" Been fighting with them now for about a month to get it fixed without me paying $200 to fix it. Now im waiting for a supervisor to call me back to discuss the matter fully. Because customer service SUCKS!!!!! I even mentioned to them the countless stories like mine on these forums, and they do everything possible to detour that side of the conversation
  15. I've called numerous times trying to get a description of the repairs they are saying needs to be done. They say there is a Grill & panel damage. the CSR rep couldnt tell me what that means, and the tech hasnt responded to her emails yet. 4 days later! I sent it in for the flex cable upgrade, and now they are telling me this. anyone know what that could be?