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  1. Z140BH Removing Icon

    Thanks for the input, actually regardless if I am on the Pandora, SD, or Radio, the bookmark counter stays on the screen.
  2. Good afternoon, Years ago I had pressed the music bookmarking icon which keeps a note icon on the top of the screen. I cannot figure how to remove that icon and it bugs the crap out of me. Any chance someone here knows how to remove it? I circled it in my photo. Thanks in advance!
  3. Note Icon

  4. TrcDjProductions your are the man! I can't believe that it actually worked. I was so skeptical of your suggestion since I thought it was a firmware flaw. Everything works correctly now. Thanks again.
  5. First off, hello from DFW, TX My issue- Since my significant other has an iPhone 5 and I have an Android; yesterday I updated my Z140BH with the new firmware from Pioneer's website because I thought it would benefit us. Well the update went successful, but it removed the built in apps Pandora and Aha. Pandora is one of the main apps I use in my daily commute. I usually use Pandora through bluetooth streaming from my Android. I have checked the settings to hopefully change wired to bluetooth, but that option has been greyed out after the update. Does anyone here know where I can get the previous firmware for my unit and if it is possible to downgrade? I have searched Pioneer's website and Google high and low with no luck. I feel that I may have screwed myself. I have added photos for proof. -FML
  6. Avic Z140BH issue