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  1. i currently have a sirius/xm tuner mounted on the windshield. Just bought a f90bt. How do i get the satellite radio into the avic. do i need a gex-p920 or p910 or p900. Or something completely different?
  2. f90bt problem please help

    Corrected my hardware bypass. with the mute wire. i also noticed i need a new main harness, the power and ground wires are loose. temp fixed this today and i ordered a new harness. Unit works up until i start driving and then it randomly reboots. I purchase a 4.0 upgrade/software fix from ebay from the seller Anttid. seems to have good reviews even on this sight. can anyone help me out with what i can do to try to fix the reboots randomness thanks Paul
  3. Avic F-90BT reboots only while driving

    any update on this mine is doing the same
  4. hi all Im new to the forum, joined because i just bought a new to me f90bt. I have not connected the vss/speed wire yet. My avic keeps shutting off and rebooting after it displays the parking break is not connected properly message i have it independanly grounded -that GREEN wire. but the message still pops ups when i drive and then the unit shuts down. still running some old version 1.0 Another problem is the back up camera shows up very light. As in, can i adjust the rearview screen to darken a bit. It just look like someone has a light up to the camera. I have tried 2 different cameras so far and the same image shows up. I have googled these issues and tried a few things and I'm still having the same problems. thanks Paul