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  1. Lukas, I think this answers your question: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81488-2015-european-map-update-for-pioneer-avic-f30bt-f930bt-f9310bt-f40bt-f940bt-f840bt-f8430bt/page-28&do=findComment&comment=335519
  2. Just to clear things up. The current start post of Flomsen contains the patched VERINFO.DAT file from Pionara. I just downloaded the files Map update again and the VERINFO.DAT has the same size, same content as the one Pionara supplied. So in theory I can copy the content of the SD folder to the SD card. Put the SD card in my F9310BT unit Turn on the ignition Update the unit Reboot Install the TTS language packs. Am I right?
  3. But what exactly do you need to do with the testmode.key. What I can make out from the post is that the this Key file needs to be in the root of the SD. But I'm not certain if the rest of the upgrade files need to be there as well, or that the key file is the only file on the SD card. And the upgrade needs to be loaded from a second sd card.