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  1. radio won't power without lives wired together

    No mate the radio will not work on the bench without yellow and red twisted together either with or without a loom or connected direct to the pins on the radio. I think the radio is shot , I've had random turning off once a week for no apparent reason and had to pull over and turn car on and off to get the thing on again. When it finally died I was following satnav and hit a pot hole and the CarPlay just cut out. I pulled up and removed the radio etc no joy, went home replaced the lightning wire with a real one and tested it , it worked and pushed it back and radio would not power. Radio now by running red and yellow together and placing ignition live on a switch, this way the radio powers on command and I keep all the settings.
  2. radio won't power without lives wired together

    The car has power as the has been tested simple by using a 12v LED on both ACC and live and both are carrying power as the LED lights. I also removed the case of the radio to inspect the pins and non appears to be bent or pushed in. I have no cuts as I can see in the wires on the loom both car and pioneer. I also ran power just to the pins on the radio bypassing any wiring issue. Christ knows , wish I'd never swapped the Apple wire , just the bloody crap rubber on the things just peel away.
  3. radio won't power without lives wired together

    Update on this. Well I removed my radio and had it on my bench , I attached a 14.4v power supply unit to the radio and it still would not power as it would be connected to the car. It will only power with the red and yellow power wires ran together. I have tried every configuration you can think of and that is the only way it will work. I reinstalled it in the car with constant and ACC connected and had to put a switch on ACC which now keeps my radio settings and allows the unit to power off. The car has a standard ISO connection, no fuses blown or anything. The radio was simply removed just to swap out a faulty Apple wire and placed back in.
  4. My USB lighting cable died today on the radio so popped the radio out and replaced the broken USB for a new one and all way good. I pushed the radio back in then then it wouldn't power at all. I checked and doubled checked and all wires were good. I removed the radio with the loom and popped it on a separate power supply and again no power. changed the fuse etc and nothing. by chance i touched live constant and live ignition together and the radio powered like normal ? however in the car the wires hadn't touched as they all had the correct seals in place on the bullets. what i have to now do is like i had it on the bench both powers on the pioneer loom together to constant live to keep the radio settings, a push switch on the dash from ignition live to pioneer loom. This makes everything work how it did before the USB cable just stopped working. What could have happened ???? its almost like the radio requires 24v to power now ????
  5. Well a few weeks back I posted on here will it work if I popped the latest American on a British head unit , I got answers like " don't it will brick your radio ". I was looking around loads of forums and Facebook groups and nobody seemed to want to do it or answer my question so I just did it. Well here's the lowdown for anyone thinking of doing it ...... Do it ! I did it ! I followed the regular instruction and it updated and restarted back up no issues ans sporting the 1.09 firmware. There is zero .... Nothing ... Zilch different to layout or apps , I don't have any US only apps like Pandora included just the stuff I had on with v1.07. All my functions work fine for CarPlay but more stable and vastly quicker. I click on apps in CarPlay and they open before I have chance to remove my finger off the screen , where as before there was 6-10 second delay. I've used the radio about 11 hours since updated and so far the bugs in 1.07 I was experiencing have gone , soundless playback , pressing skip caused radio to go quiet till you pressed pause and then resumed and the sound went back normal, random crashing back to pioneer screen and rebooting. I an using iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.1 To summarise No bricked radio as I was told Vast speed improvement Bugs for me personally have been fixed
  6. I've got an app radio 4 and an iPhone 6+ and experiencing issues such as loss of sound ( need to reboot phone while connected ) plus other silly things. Can I pop the 1.09 firmware on as it seem us in good old England have been forgotten about who also bought the new iPhones.
  7. How do I change the time and date ?

    How do I change the time and date on the app radio 4 which uses the NEX 5000 based OS. I can't see any options and touching the clock only brings up 24hr option and time zone -/+6hrs
  8. I'm struggling to find a way to change the time on the app radio 4. The CarPlay side is automatic but I just can't change the pioneer side. I press the clock like AR3 which only changes time zones -/+ 6hrs and 24hr. How ??? I can't find any setting in the settings.
  9. I've fixed my app radio finally !!!!!!!!! Fixed screen speckles when driving on bumpy roads Fixed connection issues where Bluetooth would connect but not apps The fix is dead simple Throw away the supplied HDMI and lightning wire supplied by pioneer and use a real apple lightning and ANY HDMI ( I used a ASDA / Walmart own brand ). The radio actually works as it should with no cutting out or frustrating connection errors.
  10. You need to go into settings and change connection type from digital iPhone to other.
  11. Well after snapping my iPhone 5 in half out of sheer frustration with this god awful excuse for a radio I've had to buy another but iPhone 5s. Will I have speckled screen with ANY car motion including accelerating ? Will I have Bluetooth blindness ? Will I have lock up after making or receiving calls leaving me to near kill myself dicking around with the phone trying to get back to stezza ? The reason why I got mad was I left my phone at home and I bluetoothed my wife's iPhone 4 because she was with me , tried to then connect mine today and 30 mins after both wired and Bluetooth no joy. Hard reset , car on and off , phone on and off , Bluetooth on and off, absolute nothing other than mirror of the iPhone screen and the crazy screen speckles. I was lucky I didn't slam my fist into this pile of bull sat in my dash. Will this awful radio work as a car radio not a challenge from Mensa ???????
  12. iPhone 5 won't connect to Appradio 2

    Mine did same thing on Sunday, worked one moment and the next absolute nothing. These app radios are starting to get right on my nerves.
  13. My app radio 3 has just thrown a wobbler and I can't find an easy fix. Issue Can't connect to my un jail broken iPhone 5 on 7.1. I have to reconnect Bluetooth every time I use radio then it opens the pioneer app , opens up the relevant music app ( stezza or car media player ) but then displays it as phone mirror image and locks out on the touch screen. I go directly into Bluetooth on the phone and it tells me it's connected but the head unit don't respond. It don't respond either directly connected via lightning HDMI or Bluetooth. The only way I can make it work is by deleting the Bluetooth connection on the phone and reconnecting it and then the apps sometimes works sometimes not. I've turned my phone on and off and that has no effect. I've turned car on and off and that has no effect. It's taking 10-15 mins to mess about now before I can listen to music. Like I said the radio worked perfectly Sunday morning then this happened on turn on of the car later that night with no messing with either devices.
  14. I tried connecting both iPhone 5 and iPod classic 160gb at the same time and it wouldn't connect either. I think its hard wrote to the head unit or the head unit simply can't do both.
  15. Mine to flickers every time a track changes , sometimes once sometimes 2-3 times.