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  1. N2 with iPhone 4S

    THe speakers and microphone work properly with the unit but the phone cannot be "registered" by the head unit (unless I ma missing a menu somewhere) and the interface does not even go so far as give you a dial pad or answer button - I think I am doing something wrong since even in the manual, it states that all these features should be there. I am able to answer and dial the phone on the phone itself, then the BT takes over (almost like Hands free headset) but doesnt seem to work for anything more than that. Anyone able to help?
  2. Most recent maps for N2

    Just to let you all know that the 110MT maps work just fine in the N2.
  3. N2 with iPhone 4S

    So I am able to get the iphone to connect via bt but there are no options to dial or do anything at all really from the deck. Cannot even see anywhere to register the phone. In one of the menus there is reference to button 1-6 or similar, but cannot make it do anything at all. Any help or guidance appreciated.
  4. Most recent maps for N2

    I know that I am playing with dated technology, but just installed a used n2 in my 05 Jetta and it seems good so far. I see pioneer has 110mt maps on their site for $120. If I get these and throw them in a bypassed N2, will they work? Will it screw up the bypass and make the unit stop showing DVD while driving? Any help would be appreciated.