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  1. quick AVIC-N3 Help

    once i enter this code how do i exit out of this screen to gain access to the CD and DVD player I have this headunit in my kids powerwheel so i will be connecting and disconnecting the power when it is not in use. Is there another way i am missing so i don't have to enter this code all the time? It is just what the guy i bought the headunit from said i had to do
  2. Yea you read that right long story short I got this unit from a buddy who worked at a local car audio show. This has been sitting in his garage for a year. the motor to retract the screen doesn't work (stuck open) and the touch screen doesn't work, and there is also no remote. so I designed a speaker box for his car and he gave me this as a "thank you" So I hooked everything up, except this is a Powerwheel I spliced the green wire into the ground, since there is no E Brake. Once I did this I hooked the brain in and she fired right up. Now I have to do the whole "hold the reset and eject button" then do the whole up, right...etc etc code well the password screen appears briefly and the "test mode screen" appears. I click the joystick to the right once (which brings up the next screen) Then my problem starts I CAN NOT GET OUT OF THIS MENU. I can scroll through all the options but is there something I am missing to get back to the CD/DVD player options. All this is going to be used for is to play DVD's and CD's at car shows. I don't care about navigation or anything along that line. I am including a couple pictures. if you are interested in a quick build thread you can find it here http://imgur.com/a/U52W6 Now I am new to the site so I will look around after posting this for a solution, but if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. And I assume that since this is a Powerwheel and I disconnect everything when I store it I will have to do the password bypass everytime. Since this is just a hobby of old equipment I really don't want to pay the 200 to reset a password or fix everything that is wrong with it