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  1. Hello guys

    HI, I am Benjis, I am french, i come here because you have lot of advice for my pioneer car audio (AVH-5600BT) I like very much your appradio extension thanks
  2. Hello, i am new here, i am french so sorry for my bad english i come to you because i have one problem. I have a pioneer AVH-5600BT and the size of the screen is 800X480 but when i make a custom wallpaper and import it, i don't have a fullscreen wallpaper. i have test many resolution 720x480, 1220x780 ... but i don't find the good size. the best i have find is : 800x480 with zoom option but on the left of the screen i have some pixel who are free (no image, no fullscreen) Height is good but it lacks some pixel width to the left in fullscreen mode, the wallpaper is ... ridiculous, same in 800X480. So i need your help. Do you know the perfect size for a custom wallpaper fullscreen ? I can take a photo if you don't understand my problem. Thanks Best regards. Benjis