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  1. How to hook my I-pod up to stereo?

    Finally got an I-pod, but how do I connect it to the unit headpeice? It is an AVIC N3. I bought the CD-1200 interface adaptor cable, but do I need the CD-IB100 interface adaptor? I cannot find it anywhere on the net that says how to connect it. thanks for the help.
  2. One of my discs for navy is really scratched up and it won't read the disk to calculate a trip and even show a trip...where can I get new, updated discs for a reasonable price? Thanks
  3. I've got an AVIC n3 i bought new last fall and had it installed in about October 07. I set it to maually open as I dont use the screen that much, and thought that only opening it occasionally would prevent it from malfunctioning for a long time. Well, the other day, in the in postion, it jsut would not flip up at all, it doesn't even come out at all. When you push the button it beeps, and the screen seems to "flex" a little like it is trying to flip out and up, but it does not. I've tried pulling it out manually, but with a fair bit of pull I couldn'd pull it out at all, and am afraid of damaging the unit. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. It is a 2005...where do I get an adaptor from...and are you sure there is no speed pulse?? Is it hard to hook up? Thanks
  5. Just had my unit professionally installed, it's a AVIC N3 into a Dodge 3/4 ton Quad cab truck. I had them do a bypass so that all functions work while driving and everything works except the speed display underthe vehicle dynamics. The other thing that doesn't seem to work is the speed pulse. The installer swears it's installed right and can't figure it out. Tech support says it's a bad unit???? PLEASE HELP me get this fixed.