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  1. Hi Does anyone have an Australian F940BT backup they can send me as my system has died after trying to perform the "AVIC-F940BT_FW-Update_v4.600". When I performed the update I did the following; Began with - AVICZ110 (folder)and TESTMODE.key System Comm Write - SD 8.05 System stated - Processed and Completed Then System stated - Erasing - Completed cs err Screen stayed in "test mode" for about 1 hour then shut down by itself. My system will not reboot and now has a black screen only with no lights to the controls aswell. I obviously could not update Bluetooth Firmware. I read the "Pioneer Update procedure for AVIC-F(9)(8)40BT" and watched the "Pioneer AVIC-F40BT & AVIC-F940BT iPhone 5 update for AppRadio Mode compatibility - YouTube" video prior to update. This was an easy process although my F940BT did not like it. I contacted Pioneer Australia and they told me to take my system to a Service Agent and have them perform a Software Rebuild. Has any one else had this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hello Does anyone need a copy of the Service Manuals for the following models? AVIC-F940BT/XNEU5, F840BT/XNEU5, F940BT/XNUW5, F940BT/XNAU, AVIC-F840BT/XNAU This manual, and I expect others is available at: http://elektrotanya.com/pioneer_avic-f940bt_avic-x940bt_avic-f840bt_sm.pdf/download.html Hope this helps. Pioneer AVIC Service Manual Link.pdf
  3. Hi I also have a F940BT which ws installed 5 days ago. I tried to update to 8.05 from 8.02. I did the same as Smurf786 - I followed the instructions and followed a video from Pioneer Australia - Published on Oct 20, 2013. I ran the first ucom and it completed then it ran again and read "erasing" and the it read "cs err". The screen stayed on for about 1 hour (I could not turn it off) and then turned off by itself. I now have a black screen. Does anyone have any updates?