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  1. Front/sode Camera!

    Try these videos: On the 2nd video go to the 4:03 mark to watch the demo...
  2. Front/sode Camera!

    I have the 8000NEX, coupled with the Rydeen 360 camera. This unit gives me a 360 view (as the name implies) when parking - front, rear, left and right cameras, that allow you to see the entire view b/c the "brain" of the system stitches each camera into 1 view. You'll see this type of system in Infiniti's and Nissan's. Ford is due to come out with them in the 2015 F150s. For all of the others who don't get this in their stock vehicle, you can integrate this system into it. See the link below. Good luck. http://www.rydeenmobile.com/360DVR/360DVR.html The vendor (Del Rey Customs) in the youtube video is who I purchased it from. They shipped it to me since I don't live in CA.
  3. I am running an 8000nex and an iPhone 5. I am experience sporadic BlueTooth connectivity issues, b/c it is auto pairing when I start the truck, but then in the middle of streaming music, my iPhone will stop streaming, and a warning message come up saying this accessory is not supported. I then have to go into settings and re-connect manually to my 8000nex BlueTooth. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have already reset network settings, and executed "forget this device" on my iPhone, as well as deleted my phone from my 8000nex BT devices. Any other solutions are welcome and please share!