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  1. I'm in process of installing a z130bt on my 07 grand cherokee which has factory back up camera. I tapped the signal and shield and made them rca compatible now. I'm trying to get to the back up signal. In the wire harness there was a 3rd wire and it said camera return. That doesn't seem to be the back up signal. Besides running to reverse light. Anyplace else i can tap? Perhaps behind radio? I spoke with pac as I'm using the rp4-ch11 and they gave me this link http://connectors.dcctools.com/ I was looking. Can I use the wires to park assist button to get signal? There's park assist on/off and park assist indicator signal. It's safe to assume that the park assist receives a back up signal, correct since it kicks on when put in reverse. Thanks in advance Jason.
  2. adding XM to Z130bt

    Got to experiment yesteday. And unfortunately. The terk unit isn't recognized by the Z130bt and connecting the terk unit through the Sirius interface didn't work other. So guess I'll be looking for a gex-p920xm
  3. I am going to be installing a z130bt into my 07 grand cherokee in a few days, I purchased unit used and it came with the sirius sccc1 tuner, and CD-SB10 interface. There was no antenna for it. Seller says he never used the sirius. Anyways. a couple questions. I have the XMD-1000 and pioneer interface from a previous pioneer headunit I had, I have read I wont be able to use this on the z130. Is that correct? Would a combination work? the XMD-1000 and the CD-SB10 interface? My jeep has sirius from the factory (seperate receiver, not build in with headunit), is it possible to hook that up to the z130? As far as using the factory antenna from my jeep, I've read that is possible, by extending the antenna wire. I guess my other option is purchasing the XM receiver from pioneer (gex-p920xm). What about the gex-p910xm? also as far as antenna for the sirius, the connector on the antenna I have from XMD-1000, I believe I have read is same, just removing the connector? And as far as buying a pioneer receiver, IPbus cable and antenna should be the same (as XMD-1000) if I came across one without em? Thank you in advance Jason