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  1. Custom POI on AVIC-F930BT

    Hello, I managed to access the files of my AVIC-F930BT, using Condi's hack 1.4 + modified testmode.key (to allow copy/paste). I even backup the USER directory. But it seems MAPs and POIs are located somewhere under NDATA directory. Now, I'm looking for files to be copied on my AVIC to have speedcams + voice alert. Does anybody know where I kind find such files ? PS: I ave AVIC-FB930BT, upgraded to version 5.0000 (with Europ Navteq cartography).
  2. Custom POI on AVIC-F930BT

    Hello, I'm trying to install custom POIs on my AVIC-F930BT... I found POIs in <*.kml> format. I have following questions: 1) With NavGate Feeds, I could export them on a SD-card. But original <*.kml> file is split into several files (size 66K). Is it a way to avoid this automatic splitting ? I will try to merge them into a single file, and see if it works. 2) NavGate Feeds creates the following files structure on the SD-cards (exported POI name: POI): NDB CUSTOMPOI POI.kml POI(2).kml POI(3).kml CustomPOI.symb VersionManage AUTHENTIFICATION Custom_POI.aut Version Custom_POI.ver Is it possible to add a sound alert associated to this custom POI ? If yes, at which place, which name, which format ? 3) Is it a way to copy custom POIs into the built-in memory of the AVIC ? If not, it means that a SD-card must be inserted permanently to access them. In this case, it is possible to add other data (Music, ....) on the same SD-card, and make the device access them simultaneously ? If yes, where should they be installed ? Thanks in advance for your help.