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  1. Adjust bluetooth phone volume

    Have had my unit a while now and was curious if there was a hack/mod/setting that would allow me to adjust the volume of the phone while I was talking on it thru the bluetooth connection. Anyone know by chance? Thanks!
  2. 15 favorites??

    OK, found the answer on page 130, of the manual. According to the manual, the system will only let you store 15 Song titles or artists in the system. Coulda swore it was lettin me store more than that before the update/grade to the new stuff....
  3. Cannot Use HDD

    I don't know for sure, but I don't think that they make SSD's in IDE format that the Z series takes.
  4. Cannot Use HDD

    Wow, just wow.....
  5. 15 favorites??

    Hello, I updated my Z1 to the latest software update listed on the groups. I noticed that after setting up the system with the Version 3, and now 4, I only have the ability to list 15 songs or whatnot as a favorite on the XM settings. When I was using the Z1 and Z2 images I could add more than 15 favorite songs on XM. Any ideas? Is this normal, or a glitch? Thanks! David
  6. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    Since you have more skills than the rest of us, what do you think about the idea of building the whole thing into one cable and pulling power from the firewire 12v wire and reducing it to 5v instead of having the extra usb connector? I tried that and apparently you still need the firewire circuit in there for some reason. That and there are different wires that are used (4 as opposed to 5). Finally, my fingers are too fat to get into where they all run (look at your connector, there are 30 pins/connections there in that space!)
  7. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    Ok, so my prototype board worked (although it is kinda ugly with the flux and jumper wires)! WOOT! I decided to go with a docking solution. In my testing I was able to control the 3G Phone with my steering wheel controls and thru the Avic touch panel. I was also able to charge it as well! Don't pay any attention to the two little wires on it (ended up lifitig a trace so had to make one) The board/iPhone will get it's 5v power from a USB connection (12v USB adapter) The connections are as follows: Pioneer iPod interface cable to the lower connector USB cable to USB connector from adapter The iPod/Phone to the top (verticle) connector at the top I have ordered some more boards and parts to make a finished/working board and will post pics of it and the dock in action later next week! http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn10 ... ocking.jpg
  8. Avic D3 and iPhone 3G

    Check out my post here. http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=107841#107841 I am in the process of making an adapter for the iPhone that will still allow the head unit to control the iPhone, and also CHARGE it. If all goes as planned, it will be an easy mod (not counting the research and then the building part), all you would do is plug the Pioneer interface cable into my adapter, either plug in or hard wire the 12v-5V power source, then plug the adapter into your iPhone. I contacted a couple people at Pioneer, and they both had the same answer: "Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc. At this time Pioneer have no plan of modifying the iPod adaptor. Any modification in the future will be up to Apple. Thank You, Pablo Customer Service Representative" "At the present time we have no plans to change the adaptor. Thank You, Clark"
  9. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    Ok, ordered the parts, should be a weeks or so before I get them. I took the connector apart last night and after about 3 hours, still the same problem! Man those wires are TINY and CLOSE together! LOL So on to plan B. Plan B will be to basically build a plug and play docking station. You'll have to plug in the Pioneer interface cable to it, a cheap 12 USB cig. Adapter, then either an extension cable or the iPhone Directly (so it will be like a hard docking port in your car). All of this should only necessitate splicing on the 12 USB adapter to the CD-IB100II's 12v power input cables (which should also let the iPhone/pod charge when the car is off) Depending on how it tuns out, how much of a PITA (Pain In The Ass) it is and the interest in them, I might start selling them. So far the parts are about $40, so might be a bit more than that for shipping and pain and suffering!
  10. Avic D3 and iPhone 3G

    I am working on a fix for this problem, as my 3g iPhone doesn't charge either with my CD-IB100II Check out my post/instructions here (still in progress) http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=107841#107841
  11. Fix for 3g Iphone not charging

    Ok, I have the Z1/2/3 with the CD-IB100II iPod interface unit. When I connect up my 3G iPhone I get the message "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone. blah blah blah..." I have done some research and apparently Apple has disabled/removed the Firewire charging for this phone to save $'s (unsure if it is a software or hardware disablement). Many people are having issues with accessories that utilize the Firewire charging connections in their accessories. I think I have a solution for this issue, and will be testing it out this evening. Basically, it will involve buying a automotive USB power adapter, then re-pinning the 30pin Apple connector in the Pioneer iPod interface (not sure if I can get away with just doing the internal plug, or will require re-pinning both the 30pin connector and the internal connection) and connecting the power connections from the iPod cable to the USB power adapter. I'd rather experiment on the $40 interface than the $300 phone! I'll take lots of pics and post the results!!
  12. Z3 Upgrade Hard Drive question

    Hello, I just did the Z1/Z2 to Z3 upgrade (awesome write up and support BTW) with no real problems. I have encountered one thing though (kinda minor I guess), anyway, I am using a Toshiba 5400rpm 80GB Hard drive (can't remember the model number). When I upgraded my Z1 to the Z2 image last fall I was able to partition the User area form 9GB to the remaining drive (approx 50GB). Now when I did the Z3 image on the same drive, I am stuck with the standard partitions like it is a 30GB Hard drive. I have tried Partition Magic, the Acronis Disk Director 10, and even Vista's disk manager and none of them are able to create a partition, or enlarge/extend the 9GB user partition. When I try to use the Windows Drive manager, I am able to create a partition in the unallocated area, but it converts the disk to Dynamic disk warning that the drive will not be bootable and the like. I haven't tried making it a dynamic disk and installing in the Avic (maybe this evening). Anyway, anyone have any ideas on how to recoup the unallocated area on the drive? I have tried creating 4 partitions separately (18gb, 580MB, 50GB, and 580MB) then had Acronis True Image dump the image files on there, keeping the partition sizes, and received a disk/info corruption message and Windows not seeing the drive(s) Thanks! dc
  13. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2009 Maps

    OK, you guys are the shiznit! I went out and purchased a new drive, then downloaded the images from AFMagnum's post, and slapped the drive in the Z1 (now Z2) and XM came on as soon as I turned the key and provided power, the two updates ran and I am up and running! Although I had one of the original bypass circuits installed I am missing some menu commands, that is tomorrow's project (2 wire bypass). I used a 60GB Toshiba drive and left all the partitions from the z1-z2 bypass image the same, so no extra space increase (no biggie, had something like 95% free on the 30GB drive). A quick question though, when I go to the settings then hardware settings I am showing that it is now version 2.000, do I need to run that firmware update that Pioneer put out? Thanks again, you guys are the HEAT! dc

    I bought mine from the camerapros and had a great experience. I too bought the extended warranty. This isn't required but PIONEER will void the warranty if you pay less than list/MSRP on the head unit. I have read in various posts that peple have had issues and Pioneer denied warranty help, since they paid less than list on the unit. When I placed my ordr form camerapros on Wed. about lunchtime, I had it Friday morning (go the free shipping upgrade 2-3 day)!
  15. Z1 in night mode

    OK, turns out there was 3.3v on the illumination circuit from the time the ignition was put to the on position. Troubleshot everything and found that if I grounded one of the wires in the illumination circuit, the voltage went back down to 0v. The FJ Cruiser has electro-lumenescent gauges, and needs a - illumination lead, an when I conneceted up the Z1, it didn't have a negative illumination lead. Problem solved! Thanks!