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  1. Hi - as topic, my 9110bt (VAG version of 910 I believe) is only outputting properly on the left channel (not amped, stock speakers) Occasionally it flips back to normal but never for long. I've had the head out, checked and wiggled connections but to no avail. Problem is present on all sources. Gutted as can't afford to replace right now - is it buggered or could I have missed something? Fixable or okay run through the RCAs? Sorry for all the questions...
  2. Replacement GPS & Mic - eBay or genuine?

    If it helps anyone in the future, I bought the cheap antenna and it works perfectly, zip tied to the metal crossmember in the dash above the glovebox. After more research into the mic I have ordered a Garmin replacement as the OEM Pioneer is not renowned for quality and four times the price.
  3. Hi, first post so please be gentle - have searched the site and couldn't find an answer I've recently picked up a F9110 (VW version of F/X 910) which is in amazing condition with all the bits, firmware/2013 map update etc but is missing two important bits. The 'professional' uninstaller just cut the bluetooth mic and GPS antenna - clearly couldn't be arsed getting them out. I'm in the UK and the only genuine Pioneer antenna I can source is an import from the US which is expensive and more to the point will take ages to deliver. Genuine mic is darned expensive. eBay/Amazon list cheap replacements such as this microphone and this antenna which are a lot cheaper and quicker to obtain. Can anyone advise me if the 'compatible' bits are just as good as original Pioneer or should I just pony up for the proper bits - I don't want to pay twice if I can help it Many thanks