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  1. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    Solved. seems this forum is dead?
  2. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    Hi, I'm still stuck. is there anybody who can help me?
  3. F9220BT Lost Bluetooth Firmware

    Nobody any suggestion?
  4. Hello, I experience problems with my F9220BT. I cannot connect any Phone to my carsystem. Everything worked like a charm for almost a year. I went into the Bleutooth settings and saw that every menuitem was grayed out. I cannot select them. The only button taht works is the Firmware upgrade button. If I click his button it shows current Firmware version: : There is no version number and it looks like the unit lost it's firmware. I did a factory reset of the unit but this was not succesfull. I tried to install firmware of the entire system but once copied on a SD card the upgrade does not start. Instead the system starts to play some sample files that are also in the Original pioneer folder. I contacted a repair centere and they know this issue. They want to solve it for 120 euros within 30 minutes. I assume the issue shouldn't be too difficult if they can fix it in 30 minutes. Anybody an idea? Thansk