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  1. Bought my wife a used (2013) car yesterday. It was traded in and the guy didn't leave the password. After stumbling around here for awhile I was able to get into the boot menu. Of course they changed menus all around so the how to instructions didn't apply too much. I was able to get into the security/security folder of my unit (I couldn't find any marked password). I am not savvy in this field if you haven't already picked up on that. The hint for the password is 999 so I knew getting into this folder and seeing 999 in these had to be a good sign. Only problem is none of these combos work. I've tried each line, each word, possibly a space in between, maybe two spaces in front of the first line, but no luck. Obviously I'll change it afterwords. EDIT: Read through the 4 threads I had open again. Found a great comment that worked. # = password *** = hint I had #####ked ***tek*** teke Avs AAMdule ) f The 5 # were my password.